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You’ll learn:

  • Learn how to streamline and speed up your care

  • Avoid unnecessary delays

  • Access new technology that will predict when you will get sick

  • Find out how to use sensor that can protect you and your family

  • Lower your healthcare bills and out of pocket expense

  • Detailed analysis of over 200 technology companies

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Table of Contents

Health On Demand

Digital Prevention

Chapter 1

CEO of Your Health

Patients need to re-think how they engage with doctors. We’ll cover the forces currently driving this change: the increased costs to patients, the complexity of current treatments, the importance of lifestyle changes, overwhelmed doctors, and the spread of new technologies.

Chapter 2

Prescription for Change

This chapter provides an overview of the important concepts of Faster, Better, Smarter and Cheaper care that will help patients transform their care and their role with doctors and the health systems.

Chapter 3

Find A Digitally Savvy Doctor

Finding a digitally savvy doctor can be difficult. This chapter helps you articulate the reasons why you are looking for these doctors or encouraging your own doctors down this path.

Chapter 4

An App a Day… Keeps the Doctor Away

It used to be an apple and now it apps on Apple and other devices which can truly help us stay well and get smart about issues for us and families.

Chapter 5

Your Blood Can Predict Your Future

Science has evolved its understanding of how proteins can predict disease. Patients can get a yearly blood test that will predict if they are going to get a heart attack or Alzheimer’s. This chapter discusses the exciting opportunities in health surveillance.

Chapter 6

Train With Doctor Google

The maturation of health websites driven by academic institutions will create a useful and reliable place for patients to learn basic facts that a medical professional would learn.

Chapter 7

An Alarm Systems for Your Body

Devices are  being used to sense when things are going wrong in the body at a much earlier time in the disease process. These devices are also increasing interfacing with other items in our environment from cars to clothes. Imagine wearing clothes that could tell you if pregnancy is going ok.

Chapter 8

‘Google Map’ Your DNA

Everyone needs to know why they should be interested in learning about their DNA and their predisposition to disease.

Chapter 9

In The End, You Can Fix Yourself

Science now allows individuals to use their own cells to regenerate various body tissues like liver and heart cells. Using your own cells will be a much safer way to fix organs.

Chapter 10

Make Public Health Your Digital Ally

Health systems and government agencies are increasingly working together to deliver new way to stay healthy, avoid the flu, and get free care.

Digital Optimization

Chapter 11

Get A Blueprint For Speed

We all hate the hassles of making an appointment, leaving work, waiting in the waiting room and often avoid seeking care. Find out how to accelerate your path through the healthcare system.

Chapter 12

The Price Is Right (Or At Least Transparent)

This chapter provides practical ways for consumers to identify companies that will provide the lowest costs for drugs and health services.

Chapter 13

Use Innovative Devices To Turbocharge Your Care

Computational power and advances in bioengineering have allowed the miniaturization of devices which now can we worn or embedded into the body and now can deliver care we need. We all remember when cell phones were the size of a briefcase- now it is in a watch or in glasses.

Chapter 14

Tap Into Patient Powered Care

Patients are becoming a killer app in healthcare. They are working together to share best practices and improve the value of care. They, in effect, are one of the cheapest sources of valuable health information.

Chapter 15

Seek Tailored Treatments

Patients need to advocate for more personalize treatment and care recommendations. Moreover, the science of being able to personalize care like never before if we ask.

Chapter 16

The Doctor Will See Your “Cells” Now

Science is now allowing doctors to understand precisely the impacts inside the body. This will make therapies safer and will ensure that patients are getting the right products for their unique bodies.

Chapter 17

Care Gets a Lifestyle Makeover

To get truly tailored recommendations, it becomes important for patients to help their doctors understand their lifestyle issues. Numerous new digital tools are available to help bridge the divide allowing doctors and patients to become in better sync.

Chapter 18

“Siri, What Did My Doctor Say?”

Patients only remember about 15% of what the doctor’s tell them. Moreover, they don’t understand a good chunk of information. They feel intimidated to ask questions. But as soon as they get home they have some questions.  The chapter discusses digital strategies to make sure that you get the most out of the doctor’s visit.

Chapter 19

Complement Your Care

Alternative care has long been purported to help prevent disease. Acupuncture, yoga, meditation all have been shown in clinical trial to benefit the body. The Internet is making these services easier to find and new companies are also using digital technologies to deliver services.

Chapter 20

Care Takes Flight

Medical tourism is continuing to grow as a valid way to find cheaper care. With digital tools like Skype, you can see the doctor in Argentina that will be taking care of you. The patient of the future needs to also be aware of options to find high quality and lower cost care abroad.

Chapter 21

The Connected Doctor Heals The System

We need to encourage health leaders to create better digital collaboration resources for our doctors and nurses to take advantage. Patients have a tremendous voice to help the system go more digital.

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Dr. Ramesh Subramani’s career blends emergency medicine, venture investing, McKinsey strategist, and digital health disruptor. He stitches insights across health innovation and patient empowerment, while speaking with the voice of a doctor caring for his patient.

Dr. Subramani is currently Chief Medical Officer at Analyte Health which is one of the largest telehealth companies in the US helping consumers get access to faster, betters, smarter, and cheaper healthcare. The company is reinventing the way patients get diagnosed and sent to the right care provider.

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